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"The Context" looks at themes and trends, news in technology and society, aiming to allow those who watch it to gain a broader understanding of why what we are observing is happening, what are its possible consequences, and how we can turn this understanding into action.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Context: Season Finale

    When I started recording The Context several years ago, based on an idea and a conversation with my friend Massimo Curatella in Rome, I didn't imagine that I would keep going with the determination, and the frequency that I found myself being able to deliver. It has been a wonderful ...


  2. The Context: Torre Coach, Democratizing Coaching

    Over the course of many years, I had the opportunity of meeting a lot of wonderful creative, passionate people. As I would hear their ideas, I would be becoming their advisor or their mentor. What are the necessary steps that they need to be making in order to maximize their opportunities, ...


  3. The Context: Serendipity

    Serendipity is our ability to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in front of us. Mistakenly serendipity is associated with luck, but that is not the case. Our senses and our ability to perceive the world have evolved in a very precise manner to find the fine balance between ...


  4. The Context: Learn To Earn

    What is the value of knowledge? And how can you both acquire and then deploy knowledge in order to leverage that value, create more knowledge, create more value in a wonderful, virtuous circle? That is the basis of civilization. It has been important but difficult to measure what you could ...


  5. The Context: BitClout is the next generation of social networks

    In the world of Blockchain, we periodically have waves of enthusiasm and innovation, where new ways of implementing and leveraging this technology is explored by an increasing number of people: developers, investors, users, experimenters of all kinds.BitClout as of today is barely 2 weeks old, but already about 100,000 ...