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"The Context" looks at themes and trends, news in technology and society, aiming to allow those who watch it to gain a broader understanding of why what we are observing is happening, what are its possible consequences, and how we can turn this understanding into action.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Attention Management - The Context S04E15

    Does it happen that someone calls you on the phone, and when they start talking you wonder why is this person even calling you? We have so many alternatives available today that can be much better than the old way of phone calls for certain interactions. The ability to use, ...


  2. Unlearning - The Context S04E14

    Recently I was able to observe a team member exerting real violence on software tools that he was using for completely unintended purposes. Why? Because he was familiar with them. That is when I realized even more clearly that excessive degrees of knowledge and familiarity can represent an important obstacle ...


  3. Can Support Ever Shine? - The Context S04E13

    Why is it that so many of us have negative experiences with customer support in some organizations? They don't realize that those experiences can fundamentally taint the ability of enjoying the products and services that otherwise we would keep using for a much longer time. Is it possible to evolve ...


  4. A New Era of Humanoid Robots - The Context S04E11

    In its recent meeting dedicated to artificial intelligence, Tesla made a bombshell announcement at the very end: next year they will present the prototype of a humanoid robot capable of executing tasks that are today done by humans. This announcement is the opening salvo of a new era of humanoid ...


  5. Permeable Business Models - The Context S04E11

    Can businesses adapt to exponential changes rapidly enough with their own internal resources? With ecommerce, for example, they had literally a decade or two to internalize the capabilities. Even so, companies like Walmart wasted billions of dollars getting things wrong, and they were lucky, at least for the moment, to ...